Project Açaí is Singapore’s first dedicated açaí superfood café. We're proud to be serving Sambazon organic açaí, which grows in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest where the berries are hand harvested by local family farmers. 

Our bowls are prepared fresh everyday, with a heap of fruits and superfood toppings to complement our açaí smoothie base. We take every care in preparing our açaí bowls as you see them, and we believe there's some truth in the saying that we eat with our eyes first!

If thirst quenchers are more your thing, we invite you to become well acquainted with our power-packed açaí smoothies. 

Project Açaí is on a mission to show Singapore that eating and making healthier choices is not hard (somedays we just don't feel like eating a salad too). Enjoy your açaí and have it as an easy, energising and nutritious option as either a meal, dessert, or snack without (really, genuinely) having to worry about unnecessary calories. 

Insanely addictive, #eatpurple


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